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Dynamic Panel Data
The Impacts of Tourism, Energy Consumption and Political Instability on Economic Growth in the D-8 Countries

Hassan Heidari; asall sadeghpour

Volume 6, Issue 21 , November 2015, Pages 28-11

  This study uses data from the eight largest Islamic countries known as D-8 for the period 2000 to 2013 concerns to assess the effect of tourism, energy consumption and political instability on economic growth. To address the objective of this study, we utilize both the static panel data approach as well ...  Read More

Generalized Gravity Model
A Study of the Factors Affecting Iran's Export (Gravity Model Application)

javad harati; Mehdi Behrad-Amin; Sanaz Kahrazeh

Volume 6, Issue 21 , November 2015, Pages 46-29

  Export as the engine of economic growth plays a key role in the global economy and is considered as the survival factor of countries in the global markets. Investigation of modern international trade models to identify the effective factors in the international trade is necessary for the expansion of ...  Read More

Quality of Environment
Study of the Factors Influenced Environment Pollution in Iran During 1974-2013

Rouhollah Nazari; Mohamad Hosein Mahdavi Adeli; Yadollah Dadgar

Volume 6, Issue 21 , November 2015, Pages 60-47

  In the world movement toward sustainable development, it is necessary to consider environmental damages caused by energy sector. Determining the influence of different factors on the environment pollution theoretically, practically and politically is necessary for economic growth, which is in accordance ...  Read More

Asymmetric Effects of the Monetary Policy on Inflation and Output Gap in Iran: A Threshold Approach

Akbar Komijani; Naser Elahi; Masoud Salehi Rezveh

Volume 6, Issue 21 , November 2015, Pages 78-61

  This paper investigates the monetary policy reaction of the Central Bank of Iran with threshold effects. The estimation of the nonlinear reaction function is carried out using a two-step procedure. At first step of this procedure, we follow Caner and Hansen's (2004) threshold approach. Using the Taylor ...  Read More

D-8 Countries
Comparative Study of Trade Capacities Estimation between Iran and D-8 Countries Based on Common Patterns of International Trade

Rouhollah Bayat; elham sadeghian

Volume 6, Issue 21 , November 2015, Pages 92-79

  On the one hand, D-8 countries due to their membership in the WTO, are considered as a competitor in the field of world trade, but on the other hand as an opportunity to transfer capital and technology for Iran. Because of this, the current study based on relevant conventional indices from various aspects ...  Read More

Mena Countries Group
The Relationship between Institutional Variables and Economic Growth: Introducing a New Institutional Measure for Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

Mahboobeh Shakeri; Ahmad Jafari Samimi; Zahra Karimi Moughari

Volume 6, Issue 21 , November 2015, Pages 106-93

  The subject of this paper is measuring institutional quality and evaluatingits relationship with per capita economic growth in 20 MENA countries. For estimating growth models, panel data method was used during (2002-2010). For measuring institutional quality at first six indices of good governance have ...  Read More

Quality of Environment
Forecasting Value Added Tax on Gasoline Consumption

Yeganeh Mousavi Jahromi

Volume 6, Issue 21 , November 2015, Pages 119-107

  In the VAT Acts in order to control gasoline consumption as one of the environment- polluting and also to earn revenue resources for environment protection, higher tax rate than the standard rate is levied on its consumption. In this paper, forecasting income receivable from the tax base using the two-stage ...  Read More