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Dynamic Panel Data
Study on the Relationship between Energy Consumption, Economic Growth and Export Industry in Iran (Analysis Based on Panel Data)

Mohammad Reza Lotfalipour; Mohammad Hossein Mahdavi Adeli

Volume 6, Issue 24 , September 2016, Pages 17-38

  Due to limitation of energy resources and its importance in the supply chain as the final products for consumers and inputs for manufacturers on the one hand, and On the other hand, due to the large fluctuations in prices and increased greenhouse gas emissions conservation policies and factors affecting ...  Read More

International Commerce
Trade Partner Choosing; Club Convergence Approach

khadijeh nasrollahi; karim azarbaiejani; mohammadreza zeinolabedini

Volume 6, Issue 24 , September 2016, Pages 39-54

  The aim of this study has been to evaluate the club convergence between Iran and its trading partners over the period 1978-2013. For this purpose, this paper has used log(t) test with the limited dependent variable. Then,by using a sequential dependent variable model, factors affecting the formation ...  Read More

Economic Growth
Modeling and Predicting of Iran’s Economic Growth Using ANFIS, Markov Switching and ARIMA Models

Morteza Salehi Sarbijan

Volume 6, Issue 24 , September 2016, Pages 55-68

  Economic growth forecast is a major problem in economy that has a significant impact in government policy and economic planning. It also helps policy makers for future decisions. Multivariate econometric forecasting models associated with many limitations, so an alternative approach is the use of univariate ...  Read More

توسعه مالی
Application of the GMM Method in Analyzing the Effect of Insurance Penetration Rate on GDP, The Case of Iran

Sadegh Ali Movahed Manesh

Volume 6, Issue 24 , September 2016, Pages 69-82

  Financial markets is one of the most important mechanisms to attract investment and efficient distribution of assets by transferring savings to investment.Given the importance of insurance in the country's economic activities, the effect of insurance industry on the GDP of Iran is calculated. Thus the ...  Read More

The Impact of Heterogeneous Distribution of Population on Economic Growth of Iran: Case Study of Centers in the Provinces of Iran (1976-2014)

MohammadAli Maghsoudpour

Volume 6, Issue 24 , September 2016, Pages 83-106

  This paper uses the endogenous growth model and the Auto Regressive Distributed Lag Method (ARDL), has been done during 1976 to 2014. To measure the distribution of the population, provincial capitals were selected. Then using Herfindahl -Hirschman Index (HHI), their population distribution calculated ...  Read More

Dynamic Panel Data
Shadow Economy and its Role in Control of Environmental Damages of MENA Countries

Abbas Mirzaei; Reza Esfanjari Kenari; Abolfazl Mahmoodi; Mehdi Shabanzadeh

Volume 6, Issue 24 , September 2016, Pages 107-118

  One of the major concerns for the future of human is living conditions on Earth. Environmental degradation by humans has caused to climate change in addition to vast reduction of natural resources. Recognition of environmental problems and factors is the first step in maintaining desirable biological ...  Read More

International Commerce
Do the Interactions between Corruption and Financial Liberalization Affect Economic Growth? Evidence from OPEC

Ebrahim Anvari; Ahmad Salahmanesh; Majid Sheikh Ansari; Mahvash Moradi

Volume 6, Issue 24 , September 2016, Pages 119-132

  Investigating the effect of government corruption and financial liberalization on economic growth is a fundamental issue in recent economic literature. However, considering these two phenomena simultaneously have been ignored by researchers. This paper, empirically and theoretically, studies how negative ...  Read More

Economic Growth
Important Factors of Iran Economic Growth by Considering the Effects of Increased Energy Prices

Hossein Ostadi

Volume 6, Issue 24 , September 2016, Pages 133-144

  Economic growth is one of the most important goals of macroeconomics in current communities and its rate shows the rate of increase or reduction of GDP and improvement or reduction rate of welfare of people. This study evaluates the important factors of economic growth in Iran based on the effects of ...  Read More

Energy Efficiency Improvement and its Impact on Economic Growth

Mehdi Sadeghi Shahdani

Volume 6, Issue 24 , September 2016, Pages 145-156

  Since efficiency improvements may be viewed as a form of technical change that both reduces the effective cost of energy services and stimulates economic activity, energy demand may, under some circumstances ,rise even as energy productivity improves. This paper examines this hypothesis using a simple ...  Read More