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The Role of Exports on Productivity and Economic Growth: Some Empirical Evidence of Iran

Akbar Komijani; Gholamali Haji

Volume 2, Issue 7 , September 2012, Pages 20-9

  In this article growth resources for Iran will be assessed for the period of 1959 – 2010 in format of two models. In the first model in addition of labor and capital from export, government expenditure and terms of trade in the production process will be used as effective inputs. Inserting export ...  Read More

Investigating the Causal Relationship between Total Factor Productivity Growth and Unemployment Rate of Iran

Abolfazl Shahabadi; Zahra Khany

Volume 2, Issue 7 , September 2012, Pages 32-21

  Decreasing unemployment rate is one of the most striking objects for economic planners and decision makers; and achieves to this, will lead to solve a lot of economic and social problems. According to theory and empirical studies, total factor productivity growth has a determinant role in unemployment ...  Read More

Modified Human Development and Sustainability of Economic Growth: A Comparative Study of Selected Developed and Developing Countries

Mohammad Hasan Fotros; Esmaeil Torkamani

Volume 2, Issue 7 , September 2012, Pages 50-33

  This paper investigates the effect of modified human development  on sustainability of economic growth for the period of 1980 to 2008 in developed and developing countries by using a system of simultaneous equations. Results of the estimations using a   3SLS method indicate that modified ...  Read More

Criteria of Eco-Industrial Park Location and their Prioritization with Using Fuzzy AHP and Triangular Fuzzy Number

Zahra Nasorllahi Nasorllahi; Fakhr-o-Sadat Salehi

Volume 2, Issue 7 , September 2012, Pages 66-51

  Location of eco-industrial park is one of the most effective factors to achieve the sustainable development because eco-industrial park causes to coordinate goal of different groups: economic development planners, urban development planners, economic firms and environment objective. Therefore, the main ...  Read More

Computable General Equilibrium Analysis of the Effect of Energy Carrier’s Subsidies Reform on Inflation and GDP

Seyed Ebrahim Hoseininasab; Hatef Hazeri Niri

Volume 2, Issue 7 , September 2012, Pages 80-67

  Measuring the economic effects of energy subsidy reform and determining how to apply protective measures to reduce its negative effects are the most essential steps in determining the conditions and scenarios of energy price reform. This paper evaluates the effects of energy subsidy reform on inflation ...  Read More

Asymmetric Effect of Exchange Rate and its Volatility on Iran’s Non Oil Export

Saeed i Rasekh; Milad Shahrazi; Mohamad Reza Abdollahi

Volume 2, Issue 7 , September 2012, Pages 90-81

  This paper examines asymmetric impact of exchange rate and its risk (volatility) on Iran’s non oil export. The asymmetric effect indicates to differently affect exchange rate and its volatility on export at periods of exchange rate moving up and down. To test this hypothesis, we have first measured ...  Read More

The Estimation of Electricity Demand Function and Prediction of its Consumption to 2025 in Iran

Ali Changi Ashtiani

Volume 2, Issue 7 , September 2012, Pages 101-91

  The history of electricity industry dates back to one hundred years ago. In Iran, the electricity industry is transiting from the typical monopoly to the competitive markets and a new paradigm is the producers compete with each other to sell the energy. In the present research, the long-term and short-term ...  Read More