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Using 2SLS Method for: Analyzing the Simultaneous Effects of Economic Integration, Employment and Economic Growth

Batool Rafat; Saeedeh Beyk Zadeh

Volume 2, Issue 8 , December 2012, Pages 22-9

  Economic integration is one of the most challenging issues of the countries in present time on which there are many disagreements. Investigating its effects and consequences from different views including, political, economic, social, and cultural aspects has attracted many scientists, economists, and ...  Read More

The Study of Relationship Between Productivity Variations and Employment in Iran's Industry (Application of Blanchard-Quah Decomposition)

Mohammad Ali Falahi; Mohammad Hosein Hoseinzade Bahreini; Hasan Moghadam Nejad

Volume 2, Issue 8 , December 2012, Pages 36-23

  Increasing productivity, as a way to reduce the gap between supply and demand and also as a factor to reduc the production costs and to increase the efficiency of resources use and the quality and  competitiveness of products, is considerable for economists and policymakers. On the other hand, the ...  Read More

The Comparative Study of Effect of the Optimal Size of Government Consumption and Investment Expenditures on HDI (Developed VS Developing Nations)

Zahra Afshari; Shamsolah Shirin Bakhsh; Seyedeh Nesar Ebrahimi

Volume 2, Issue 8 , December 2012, Pages 50-37

  Government size has negative and positive impact on economic growth. In this paper, we conduct an analysis with dealing the impact of  government size on human development index (HDI). The regression will  be empirically analyzed using generalized method of moments (GMM) with two staged least ...  Read More

Evaluation of Business Cycle Synchronization by the Oil Revenues-OPEC Member Countries

Shahram Golestani; Abbas Jogheini; Mahmood Khorasani

Volume 2, Issue 8 , December 2012, Pages 68-51

  Recently, the study of relation between economic convergences with the business cycle synchronizations among countries has become one of the important issues in economic literature. In this investigation the business cycle synchronization with the oil revenues studied for OPEC member countries. In this ...  Read More

The Impact of Interest Rate Ceiling on Investment in Iran

Mohammad Ali Ehsani; Yaser Khatibi

Volume 2, Issue 8 , December 2012, Pages 82-69

  Capital accumulation is a key factor in economic growth and interest rate is a policy instrument in capital  accumulation.In Iran economy, goverment imposes interest rate ceiling in fevored sectors.In this paper , a system of equations including saving and investment function are regressed via (3SLS). ...  Read More

Optimization Sensitivity Analysis of Production and Inflation in the Economy Based on an Optimal Control Model

Asghar Abolhasani Hastiyani; Mohammad Hossein Pour Kazemi; Abolghaseme Asna Ashari Amiri; Mohammad Hossein EhsanFar

Volume 2, Issue 8 , December 2012, Pages 94-83

  The purpose of this paper is to determine the optimal time paths of economic variables such as production, inflation, money stock and government expenditures, and also sensitivity analysis of these paths. For this aim, a deterministic optimal control model is used. In this model, a quadratic objective ...  Read More

Construction of Composite Indicator for Human Development Based on Islamic Civilization’s Teachings and its Simulation in Assessing the Position of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Mehdi Sadeghi Shahdani; Mohammad Hadi Zahedi Vafa; Mehdi Ghaemi Asl

Volume 2, Issue 8 , December 2012, Pages 114-95

  This research provides a comprehensive composite indicator to evaluation human development based on Islamic civilization’s teachings. According to analysis of theoretical framework of Islamic civilization’s teachings, human development in this research includes “economic-welfare”, ...  Read More