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Growth Accounting
The Growth of Green-Productivity in the Industry and Transportation Sector of Iran: An Application of Growth Accounting Using Seeming Unrelated Regression Method

Nafise Mosayebi Otaghsara; Zahra Mila Elmi; Saeed Rasekhi

Volume 14, Issue 54 , May 2024

  The objective of this research is to examine the growth of green productivity in the industry and transportation sectors of Iran during 2001-2019 and compare it with the conventional productivity index, which has been the criterion considered in policy-making decisions for several decades. Although in ...  Read More

توسعه مالی
The Effect of Money Laundering on Macroeconomic Variables in the Framework of Dynamic Stochastic General Models (DSGE)

aida hajnouri; meysam amiry; maghsoud amiri; hossein tavakolian; moslem peymani

Volume 14, Issue 54 , May 2024

  Money laundering one of the types of financial corruption has a very detrimental role on the economic. Planning the country's economic development and making decisions to implement economic policies requires recognition of the performance of the whole economy, including the formal and legal sector, and ...  Read More

Investigating economic prosperity and recession in Isfahan province using the regional capital matrix

Maryam Amini; Nematola Akbari; Rozita Moayedfar; Fatemeh Bazzazan

Volume 14, Issue 54 , May 2024

  Economic prosperity (recession) means that the GDP increases (decreases) between two consecutive periods. One of the important approaches in examining economic prosperity and recession is the use of the capital matrix. This matrix is a suitable solution for providing the analysis of calculable general ...  Read More

Economic Growth
Investigating the Impact of Technology Spillovers on the Investment of Iranian Private Sector: A Dynamic Computable General Equilibrium Model Approach

aliasghar baharloo; Syed Abdulmajid Jalaee Esfandabadi; Mohsen Zayandeh Roodi

Volume 14, Issue 54 , May 2024

  Considering the role of capital as one of the most important factors which can affect production, job creation, and productive activities, this study was an attempt to investigate factors which can influence investment and the way they do so. To this end, this study benefitted from a dynamic computable ...  Read More

Effect of world trade centrality indicators on economic growth: the approach of weighted complex networks(Case study: chosen countries of Asia and CIS)

Mohammadreza Lali; Saeed Daei-Karimzadeh; Farzad Karimi

Volume 14, Issue 54 , May 2024

  Recent studies on complex networks in international trade show the number of partners; trade intensity, indirect trade connections and the central position of each partner in the trade network have significant effects on economic growth. The network analysis approach in investigating the effect of trade ...  Read More

Mena Countries Group
The Impact of Poverty on Corruption in the MENA Countries (The Application of Bayesian Hierarchical Model)

Saeede Seydabadi; Ali Dehghani; Mohammd Ali Molaei

Volume 14, Issue 54 , May 2024

  Poverty is one of the most important economic issues in developing countries such as MENA. Poverty causes many social problems such as drug trafficking, theft, prostitution and corruption. On the other hand, corruption is a major problem in developing countries. Corruption destroys resources as well ...  Read More

Investigating the impact of macro indicators on Iran's economic growth

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Volume 14, Issue 54 , May 2024

  One of the characteristics of developed countries is the existence of efficient markets and financial institutions, which, while playing an important role in the economy of these countries, are also the basis for the economic growth and development of these countries. Today, in different countries, many ...  Read More

Identifying the Key Sectors of Golestan Province′s Economy and Evaluating the Impact of Flood on Production and Employment : Application of Expanding Hypothetical Extraction Approach

Farhad Khodadad Kashi; Nasser Ebrahimi; Siavash Jani

Volume 14, Issue 54 , May 2024

  Iran ,especially the province of golestan has always been exposed to floods, and in addition to causing great damage to the country and the province of golestan , no proper plan has yet been thought to reduce economic costs . This article tries to identify the key sectors of the province and evaluate ...  Read More