In collaboration with Payame Noor University and Iranian Association for Energy Economics (IRAEE)

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One of the characteristics of developed countries is the existence of efficient markets and financial institutions, which, while playing an important role in the economy of these countries, are also the basis for the economic growth and development of these countries. Today, in different countries, many indicators are prepared by different statistical and scientific authorities such as government organizations, international organizations, universities and other centers in different fields and are made available to the public. Investigating the economic trends of countries helps traders. In this research, we have examined the impact of macro indicators on Iran's economic growth. The results show that the management of sanctions conditions and the consistent implementation of the resistance economy strategy during the beginning of the sixth plan strengthened the mentioned index, so that the average NSED has increased to the level between the second and third plans, according to the results of the analysis. Sensitivity, the fourth and third programs have been distinguished as the most successful development programs, as well as the fifth and first programs with the weakest performance.