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Investigating the Effects of Credits of Small and Medium Enterprises on Economic Growth and Employment (Dynamic Computable General Equilibrium Model-DCGE)

mohammad hosein rostamian; Ahmad Salahmanesh; masoud khodapanah; behrouz Sadeghi Amroabadi

Volume 13, Issue 51 , October 2023, Pages 28-13

  Small and medium-sized enterprises are limited economic entities that provide the basis for economic development through the accumulation of micro-financial resources, entrepreneurship and connection with industries. These companies also play a vital role in economic growth, employment, wealth generation ...  Read More

Relationships and How Interactions between Spirituality and Economic Growth in the Capitalist Literature

javad arbab; seyed reza hoseini

Volume 13, Issue 51 , October 2023, Pages 44-29

  The focus of the development policies of the capitalist economy on axial growth has seriously influenced the various approaches of spiritualism; Apart from the initial motivations for controlling the dangers of violent desires in promoting capitalist thought, the spread of emerging spiritualities, as ...  Read More

Investigating the Response of Total Welfare Index to Shock of Macroeconomic Variables in Iran (Recursive Dynamic Computable General Equilibrium (RDCGE) Model Approach

mina saber; reza zeinalzadeh; Seyd Abdolmajid Jalaee Esfanadadi; mohsen Zayanderoody

Volume 13, Issue 51 , October 2023, Pages 62-45

  The impacts of shocks generated by macroeconomic growth scenarios (2 percent, 5 percent, and 10%) on the overall welfare index in Iran were explored in this study. The essential data were gathered from the social accounting matrix of 2011, the Central Bank, and the data-output table of 2016, and the ...  Read More

Sustainable Development Model of Sport Tourism of the Islamic Republic of Iran: Grounded Theory Based on Upstream Documents

Hamid Reza Amini Komijani; Abolfazl Farahani; Mahmood Goodarzi; Leila Ghorbani

Volume 13, Issue 51 , October 2023, Pages 92-63

  The aim was to develop a paradigm model of sustainable development of sports tourism in Iran based on upstream documents. The study is fundamental and exploratory, which was performed by documentary method and qualitative content analysis using grounded theory method. The content analysis started with ...  Read More

Investigating The Relationship Between Energy Consumption, Financial Development and Economic Growth in Iran Using The ARDL Model

Reza Ghaderi Moghaddam; Bijan Baseri; Nemat Falihi; Gholamreza Abbasi

Volume 13, Issue 51 , October 2023, Pages 110-93

  Energy plays a vital role in production and consumption of variouse activities. In Iran energy affect economic growth as an important input along with other production inputs and increase value added of industrial activities and services in nationalwide. In this study, we will test the asymmetric analysis ...  Read More

Investigating the Effect of Bank Credits Allocation Manner on Regional Growth in Iran: Application of Quantile Regression Approach in Panel Data

Roozbeh Balounejad Nouri

Volume 13, Issue 51 , October 2023, Pages 128-111

  In this study, the effect of bank credit allocation between different economic sectors on the economic growth of Iranian provinces was investigated. For this purpose, the provincial data for the period 2015-2020 based on the maximum available data and the method of estimating quantile regression in panel ...  Read More

Investigating the Relationship Between Economic Growth and Income Inequality in Hormozgan Province in the form of Economic Development Programs

Hossein Heidari

Volume 13, Issue 51 , October 2023, Pages 140-129

  In this study, the relationship between economic growth and income inequality in Hormozgan province was investigated in the form of economic development programs. For this purpose, to investigate inequality and poverty at the level of the country and Hormozgan province, the detailed data of the income-expenditure ...  Read More