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The Impact of Oil Shocks on Government Revenues and Expenditures in Iran (Time-Varying Parameter Approach)

hamzeh karimi; Saeed Karimi Potanlar; Ahmad Jafari Samimi

Volume 13, Issue 52 , November 2023

  considering the importance of oil shocks in Iran's economy, in this research, an attempt has been made to examine the effects of oil income shocks on the expenditure and income components of the government's general budget. in this regard, in order to consider structural instability in parameters, time-varying ...  Read More

The study of Factors Affecting the Economic Growth of Group D8 (8 Islamic Developing Countries)

Emambakhsh Eidouzahi; Mohammad Mohebbi; Sayed Yaghoob Zeraatkish

Volume 13, Issue 52 , November 2023

  Today, one of the most important economic goals of the countries of the world is to create the necessary grounds for economic growth and development, and the business environment is one of the main strategies to achieve this. The business environment is a political, institutional and behavioral environment ...  Read More

The Mutual Relationship between Financial Development, CO2 Emission and Economic Growth in MENA Countries (System GMM in Dynamic Panel Data Approach)

rima mohammad moradi; SeyedKamal Sadeghi; mehrdad khanmakou

Volume 13, Issue 52 , November 2023

  The importance of renewable energy in economic growth, reducing environmental pollution and the role of financial resources on renewable energy projects express the importance of financial development in the development of renewable energy.This study examines the of clean energy, financial development, ...  Read More

Asymmetric analysis of monetary shocks on the economic growth rate of the industrial sector in Iran

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Volume 13, Issue 52 , November 2023

  In general, one of the channels that help accelerate the economic growth of countries is the growth of their industry sector. The importance and basic role of the industry sector and its contribution as the most important factor in stimulating economic growth in developed and developing countries is ...  Read More

The impact of the required reserve rate on the inflation rate and economic growth in Iran

masoud saadatmehr; Nasrin Mansori

Volume 13, Issue 52 , November 2023

  Iran's economy has been facing the phenomenon of inflation for many decades, which has been unbridled inflation in many periods. Therefore, in order to control the inflation rate, some policy makers are looking towards applying a contractionary monetary policy by increasing the required reserve rate. ...  Read More

Measuring the Effect of Financial Development on Economic Growth in Iran: Testing Patrick's Hypotheses

Seyed Jalal Alavi; Mohammad Mahdi lotfi heravi; Marzieh Asaadi

Volume 13, Issue 52 , November 2023

  One of the most important issues in macroeconomic management is the analysis of factors affecting economic growth. This research has measured the effect of financial development on Iran's economic growth and test Patrick's hypothesis in the period of 1357-1398. Main research questions include; 1) What ...  Read More

Analysis of total factors productivity growth of agricultural sector in selected member countries of the Organization of the Islamic Conference

Safyeh mozafari; Azam Rezaee; farhad shirani; farshid eshraghi

Volume 13, Issue 52 , November 2023

  The importance of productivity growth (PG) in the agricultural sector in the long-term economic growth of countries on the one hand and the high share of the agricultural sector in the economy of Islamic countries, on the other hand, shows the importance of analyzing the PG in Islamic countries. This ...  Read More

Estimating tax evasion and its effect on Iran's economic growth (Denton's data analysis approach)

hasti bagheri; Asqar Abolhasani Hstyany; Yeganeh Mousavi Jahromi; kamran mani

Volume 13, Issue 52 , November 2023

  Today, taxes play an important role in the economic growth and development of countries by maintaining the existence of the government and financing social programs and infrastructure investment. Also, taxation helps to allocate resources, redistribute income and correct negative externalities as well ...  Read More