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Evaluating the Effects of Systemic Stress on Total Factor Productivity with Bayesian Approach: A Case Study of Iranian Economy

samineh qasemifar; Abolfazl Shahabadi; shamsolah shirinbakhsh; mirhosien mousavi; azam ahmadyan

Volume 13, Issue 49 , February 2023, Pages 32-13

  With the occurrence of major global financial crises and the widespread spread of crises in the economies of other countries, the importance of identifying and measuring crises and examining the effects of macroeconomics has become increasingly apparent. Hence in the present study, in order to quantify ...  Read More

Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Economic Growth: A Spatial Analysis Among Iranian Provinces

Mosab Abdollahi Arani; Nasrin Mansouri; siavoshe jani; Nooshin Aghyee

Volume 13, Issue 49 , February 2023, Pages 54-33

  In recent decades, the risks and environmental damage caused by economic growth, population growth and energy consumption have become more apparent. Meanwhile, one of the new advances in the study of the relationship between economic factors affecting environmental quality is the attention to the spatial ...  Read More

Analysis of Causal Relationships between Entrepreneurship, Unemployment and Economic Growth in Iran

Leila Sefidbari; Ali Davari; kamal Sakhdari; Yeganeh Mousavi Jahromi

Volume 13, Issue 49 , February 2023, Pages 74-55

  The purpose of this study was to investigate the causal relationships between entrepreneurship development, economic growth and unemployment by Vector Auto Regression (VAR) and to investigate the effects of shocks on these variables in Iran. For this purpose, seasonal time series data 2006-2016 and Global ...  Read More

Banking Network Efficiency in the Path of Economic Growth with Emphasis on Business Cycles, Exchange Rate Fluctuations and Stocks (Markov Switching Model)

neda Asadollahzadeh Jafari; Bahar Hafezi; sayedmohsen Khalifehsoltani

Volume 13, Issue 49 , February 2023, Pages 90-75

  Most of businesses financing in the country done by the banking network and banking network play a very important role in achieving macroeconomic goals. Accordingly, in the present study, the effect of fluctuations of asset markets (exchange rate, oil price and stock market index) on financial instability ...  Read More

Relationship between Economic Growth, Trade Openness and Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Developed Countries (Dynamic Panel Data Approach by GMM Method)

Akbar Nikkhah Sarnaghi; Karim Azarbaiejani; saeed Daei-Karimzadeh

Volume 13, Issue 49 , February 2023, Pages 106-91

  The quality of the environment and its protection is one of the important issues in the field of management of countries. Therefore, all countries, along with growth and development policies, try to prevent environmental degradation by enacting laws and regulations in the national sphere and also by ...  Read More

Investigating the role of institutional quality in the impact of natural resource rents on Iran's financial development

fereshteh majidzadeh; nazar dahmardeh

Volume 13, Issue 49 , February 2023, Pages 122-107

  Existence of natural resources can increase corruption through rent-seeking behaviors if there is no strong institutional framework. In the present study, the role of institutional quality in the impact of natural resource rents on the financial development of Iran in the period 1984-2019 has been investigated. ...  Read More

Estimation of the Optimal Pollution Tax Rate in an Endogenous Growth Model

Mirnaser Mirbagheri hir; Ali Salmanpourzonouz

Volume 13, Issue 49 , February 2023, Pages 148-123

  Pollution tax is one of the most important tools of the government to reduce pollution and increase the welfare of society. Direct environmental or pigouvian tax, by affecting the revenues of producers, seeks to impose a tax on polluting products to reduce pollution. Accordingly, the main purpose of ...  Read More

Spatial Analysis of Spillover Effects of Entrepreneurship Indicator on the Economic Growth of Iranian Provinces

amir ali farhang; Ali Younessi; Vahid Nikpey Pesyan; Amaneh lotfi

Volume 13, Issue 49 , February 2023, Pages 168-149

  One of the most important topics discussed in countries, especially in developing countries, is economic growth. Entrepreneurship can be one of the effective factors in increasing the rate of economic growth. Because entrepreneurs can provide the necessary resources for the growth and development of ...  Read More