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Utility and Social Welfare Function in Iranian Provinces (Investigating the Process of Changes and Convergence of Welfare)

Yaghob Fatemi Zardan; Mohammad Hassan Fotros; Hamid Sepehrdost; Mohsen Khezri

Volume 11, Issue 44 , September 2021, Pages 36-15

  One of the most important topics in economics is the study of utility and social welfare. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to derive the utility function and social welfare function of the provinces of Iran during 1380-1396. For this purpose, the regional utility function is used to extract the ...  Read More

Investigation of the Dynamic Relationship between Trade Liberalization,Financial development and Economic Growth In Selected Countries Around the World (A New Approach to Financial Development Index)

mona beheshti; Abbas memarnejad; taghi torabi; Seyyed Shamseddin Hosseini

Volume 11, Issue 44 , September 2021, Pages 62-37

  Abstractthe purpose of this paper is to empirically investigate the direction of causality between financial development, trade liberalization and economic growth in 130 countries including Iran between 2000 and 2017. Cointegration approach, panel‌ vector error correction (PVECM) and Toda-Yamamoto-Dolado-Lutkepohl ...  Read More

Appropriate Monetary rule under Heterogeneous Expectations and Fiscal Dominance: The Case of Iran

Ali Abbasi; Ali Hussein Samadi; Ebrahim Hadian; Parviz Rostamzadeh

Volume 11, Issue 44 , September 2021, Pages 85-63

  The effectiveness of monetary policy is one of the most challenges of monetary authorities. It depends on the interaction between monetary and fiscal policy authorities and private sector behavior. Fiscal authority may or may not respect its intertemporal budget balance. Private agent's behavior in forecasting ...  Read More

Investigating the Impact of Energy Carrier Price Shocks on Iran's Economics: Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Patterns (DSGE)

Ali Mohammadipour; Ali Salmanpourzonouz; Seyed Fakhreddin Fakhrhosseini

Volume 11, Issue 44 , September 2021, Pages 104-85

  The purpose of this study was to investigate the impact of price shocks on selected energy carriers in household consumption basket and firm production functions (both supply and demand side of economy) simultaneously on macroeconomic of Iran. The stochastic dynamic general equilibrium model consisting ...  Read More

Investigating the Potential Impacts of the Trade Agreement between Iran and the Eurasian Economic Union on the Export Sector of Agriculture and Industry; An Approach based on the Gravity Model

NASER ELAHI; Elahe Masoomzadeh; seyedziaadin kiaalhosseini; seyed Hadi arabi

Volume 11, Issue 44 , September 2021, Pages 120-105

  Consideration of regional systems as a way of managing national security barriers along with peaceful economic relations are achieved in the regionalization process. One of these agreements is the Eurasian Economic Union. The present study inspects the potential impact of the trade agreement between ...  Read More

Estimating Electricity Demand in the Iindustrial Sector of Iran and Examining its Role in Economic Growth

ali changi changi; hadi ghaffari

Volume 11, Issue 44 , September 2021, Pages 136-121

  ABSTRACT:one of the indicators that is currently considered in determining the level of development of a country is the amount of electricity consumption and its applications.Providing the needs of the industrial sector for energy,especially electricity, is undeniable and very important and is very effective ...  Read More

Estimation of Optimal Rates of Consumption Tax and Inflation in Iran: Application of Genetic Algorithm

mehrnoosh kalani; majid sameti; hossein sharifi renani

Volume 11, Issue 44 , September 2021, Pages 163-137

  Social welfare is one of the policymakers’ main challenges in different societies, and as financing government expenditures is closely related to social welfare, this issue can be very important. Considering welfare cost of consumption and inflation taxation, the government must implicit tax rates ...  Read More

The effect of Economic Growth on Non-performing Loans in Iran Based on Singular Spectrum Analysis and Nonparametric Regression Approaches

Mehran Farahikia; Masoud Yarmohammadi; Hossein Hassani; Ali Shadrokh

Volume 11, Issue 44 , September 2021, Pages 184-163

  The amount of non-performing loans is one the indicators for assesssing banks credit risk and its high values is a sign of unhealthy of banking system. The aim of this study is to evaluate the impact of economic growth on NPLs by applying new nonparametric and robust approaches in time series analysis. ...  Read More