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Monetary policy
Monetary Policy Efficiency Under Economic Uncertainty (Research in Iranian Economy)

REZA ALAEI; Ahmad Salahmanesh; seyed Aziz Arman

Volume 11, Issue 41 , December 2020, Pages 34-15

  In the present study, the effect of economic uncertainty on the efficiency of monetary policy has been investigated using data from the first quarter of 1990 to the fourth quarter of 2017. For the purpose of the present study, first, we determine the optimal economic uncertainty index by using SOS search ...  Read More

Economic Growth
The Impact of Government Size and Governance on Economic Growth in Vision Document Countries (Nonlinear Threshold GMM Approach)

Farhad khodadad kashi; samaneh noraniazad; somayeh shateri

Volume 11, Issue 41 , December 2020, Pages 52-35

  Although economic growth is affected by the growth of factors of production, governance and government size were also effective on economic growth. In this study, the impact of government size and governance on the economic growth of perspective document countries evaluated over the period 2006-2017. ...  Read More

Economic Growth
Investigating the Relationship between Central Bank Independence and Realization of Good Governance Indicators in Iran's Economic Growth and Development

Ali Rezaei; Tahmasb Mazaheri; Majid Tavasoli

Volume 11, Issue 41 , December 2020, Pages 64-53

  Political and economic policymakers believe that the development of good governance plays a key role in the political and economic development of countries. Therefore, it is important to identify the effective factors on the efficiency of good governance in order to adopt appropriate policies for promoting ...  Read More

The Impact of Monetary, Fiscal and Oil Shocks on Gender Inequality within the Framework of a New Keynesian Model in Iran

Mohamad Mehdi zare shahneh; zahra nasrollahi; hojat parsa

Volume 11, Issue 41 , December 2020, Pages 82-65

  Human resources are considered as one of the pillars and key elements of the growth and development of each country. In this regard, women, as half of the population of the society, play a decisive role in advancing the goals of growth and development. So, first of all, it is necessary to consider this ...  Read More

Optimal Control of the Budget Deficit and Trade Deficit on Iran's Economy; (Target: Economic Growth)

fojan tadayon; Homayoun Ranjbar; mostafa rajabi; morteza sameti

Volume 11, Issue 41 , December 2020, Pages 96-83

  Developing countries, including Iran, are trying to make up for the lack of private investment and other problems by trade deficit and budget deficit policies. These policies are supported by Keynes and his supporters. They believe that expansionary effects will shift the macroeconomic budget deficit ...  Read More

The Impact of Scientific Productivity on High Technology-Based Exports

Hamid Sepehrdoust; Mohsen Tartar; Razieh Davarikish

Volume 11, Issue 41 , December 2020, Pages 116-97

  Export is one of the determinants of business development and sustainable economic growth, which in the modern economy is strongly influenced by superior technology and economic complexity index. Since scientific productivity provides the conditions for the acquisition of superior technology, therefore, ...  Read More

Evaluating the Moderating Role of Macroeconomic Variables in the Relationship between Financial Statement Comparability Criteria and Corporate Dividend Payout Policy

Ali Jafari; Jomadoordi Gorganli Davaji; Majid Ashrafi; Arash Naderian

Volume 11, Issue 41 , December 2020, Pages 136-117

  Comparability is a qualitative feature that adds to the usefulness of financial and economic information. Macroeconomic variables can affect the relationship between comparability and dividend payout. Therefore, this paper examines the moderating role of macroeconomic variables in the relationship between ...  Read More