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Investigating the Effects of Establishing a Local Taxation System on Long- Run Regional Economic Growth in Iran: Error- Correction Models Approach

Mohammadghasem Rezaee; Majid Maddah; Yeganeh Mousavi Jahromi

Volume 11, Issue 42 , March 2021, Pages 34-15

  Taxes are a policy-making tool for the economic stabilization and, on this basis; local taxes can influence provinces’ economic performance. Local taxes are taxes for which the rates and bases are determined by the local authorities. These taxes finance services to be provided for local residents. ...  Read More

total factor productivity of production؛
Investigation of Productivity Growth Factors in Iran Using Artificial Neural Networks Algorithm

Farrokh Norozi; Masoud Nonejad; Mehrzad Ebrahimi; Jalil Khodaparast Shirazi

Volume 11, Issue 42 , March 2021, Pages 58-35

  Today most developed and developing countries emphasize on the importance of productivity as one of the necessities of economic development and competitiveness in the world. Because todays, competition is taking various dimensions and striving for higher productivity is one of the important factor of ...  Read More

Monetary policy
A Comparative Study of Monetary and Supply_ Side Policies Effects on Agriculture, Services, Industry and Mining Production in Iranian Economy

Seyyed Abdolmajid Jalaee Esfand Abadi; Nasim Iranmanesh

Volume 11, Issue 42 , March 2021, Pages 80-59

  This study investigates the impact of monetary policy and supply side policy on value added of economic sectors of Iran separately (agriculture, services, industry and mining) during 1974- 2018 in short run and long run. The econometric model used in this study is Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) ...  Read More

The Effect of Exchange Rate Shocks on Households Welfare in Iran: A CGE Approach

Mirfarhad Sadigh Mohammadi; Ahmad Sarlak; Seyyed Abbas Najafizadeh; Mohammad Hassanzadeh

Volume 11, Issue 42 , March 2021, Pages 108-81

  Exchange rate as an interface between domestic and foreign economies, is one of the most important macroeconomic variables. Thus, exchange rate shocks can affect the income, consumption expenditure, and eventually, welfare of households via affecting export and import prices in combination with domestic ...  Read More

Relationship between Business Cycles and Stocks Cycles in Iran: Spillover Index Approach

Leila Gholami Heidariani; Reza Ranjpour; Firoz Fallahi

Volume 11, Issue 42 , March 2021, Pages 130-109

  In this study, we investigate the relationship between stocks cycles and business cycles in Iran, using the spillover index approach of Diebold and Yilmaz (2012, 59). The dynamic interaction between financial cycles and business cycles is used by rolling window estimation and spillover plots. We use ...  Read More

Monetary Shocks
Exchange Rate Pass-Through and the Effects of Monetary Shock in a DSGE Model

Niloofar Sadat Hosseini; Hossein Asgharpur

Volume 11, Issue 42 , March 2021, Pages 154-131

  The purpose of this study is to study Taylor's theory and investigating the effect of monetary shocks on macroeconomic variables assuming the degree of exchange rate pass-through in different inflationary environments. In this study, the dynamic stochastic general equilibrium model for a small open economy ...  Read More

Iran with Natural State (Case Study of Pahlavi II)

Salman Gharakhani; Mohsen Renani; Zahra Karimi; Farshad Momeni

Volume 11, Issue 42 , March 2021, Pages 184-155

  The thinkers and theorists in development have proposed various theories on the non-convergent path of development in different societies. In line with this, as one of new institutionalists North studied the transition from Limited Access Order (LAO) (i.e., Natural State) to Open Access Order (OAO) by ...  Read More