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Concentration, Advertising and Profitability in Iranian Industries: A Dynamic Panel Data Approach

Firouz Fallahi; Ali Dehghani

Volume 1, Issue 1 , January 2012, Pages 30-9

  This paper investigates the effect of concentration and advertising on profitability in Iranian Industrial firms, with more than 9 employees. Dynamic panel data technique is used along with the data during the period 1374-1381 to study this issue. The results show that the concentrated industries have ...  Read More

total factor productivity of production؛
Bound's Test Approach to Cointegration: Interaction between Human Capital and Total Factor Productivity of Production in Iran

Mohammad Taher Ahmadi

Volume 1, Issue 1 , January 2012, Pages 58-31

  Total factor productivity of production as a dynamic and permanent source of economic growth is influenced by many factors; that based on existing theories, human capital are known as one of the most important factors. So in the present study, the role of human capital in promoting the total factor productivity ...  Read More

Co2 Emissions
Relationships between Co2 Emissions and Economic Growth: the Case of OPEC

Mohammad Hassan Fotros

Volume 1, Issue 1 , January 2012, Pages 77-59

  This research investigates the existence of relationships between economic growth and carbon emissions in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) for the period of 1960 to 2005. A model relating economic growth and carbon emissions is used to examine the eventual existence of Environmental ...  Read More

Economic Growth
The Impact of Monetary Variables on Economic Growth in Iran: A Monetarists’ Approach

Mohammad Lashkary

Volume 1, Issue 1 , January 2012, Pages 105-79

  The subject of this research is the impact of monetary variables on economic growth in Iran. There is a dispute among economists about the impact of monetary variables on actual ones. Some believe that change in money volume affects only the nominal production and does not have any effect on actual variables ...  Read More

tourism demand
Estimation of Foreign Tourism Demand in Iran (TVP Approach)

Parviz Mohammadzadeh; Davood Behbudi; Majid Feshari; Siab Mamipour

Volume 1, Issue 1 , January 2012, Pages 132-107

  The main purpose of this paper is to estimate the foreign tourism demand for Iran during 1971-2005. This study proposes a new methodology – the time varying parameter (TVP) approach – to tourism demand modeling. To that end, the behavioral change of tourists over time is traced using the ...  Read More

Economic Growth
Effects of Selected Cultural Indicators on Economic Growth of Iran (ARDL Approach)

Mahdi Fadaee; Somayeh Nayeri

Volume 1, Issue 1 , January 2012, Pages 159-133

  In economic growth and development analysis, cultural change has a special situation. Cultural indicators can affect on production factors and economic growth endogenously and exogenously. Nowadays, in economic literature capital divided to: Physical, Human, Cultural, Social and Natural capital. In this ...  Read More

Economic Growth
The Association between Income Inequality, Education Expenditures and Economic Growth

Reza Akbarian; Mahsa Famkar

Volume 1, Issue 1 , January 2012, Pages 185-161

  This paper examines the association of income inequality and economic growth with public expenditures on education as an intermediary factor in Iran. Time series data from 1974-2005 and two stage least squares (2sls) method are used to estimate a simultaneous equation system. Public expenditures on education ...  Read More