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Economic Growth
Investment in Economic Infrastructures and Economic Growth: The Case of Iran

Reza Akbarian; Ali Ghaedi

Volume 1, Issue 3 , January 2012, Pages 48-11

  One of the economic goals in many countries is providing favorable conditions to boost economic growth. One of the favorable conditions for increasing the production and economic growth is investment in economic infrastructures. In general, investment in economic infrastructures, boost production and ...  Read More

total factor productivity of production؛
The Investigation of TFP in Iranian Economy (1966-2007)(Growth Accounting Approach)

Davoud Behboudi; Jalal Montazeri Shoorekchali

Volume 1, Issue 3 , January 2012, Pages 70-49

  The most attended aspect of the modern economics is its structure which relies heavily on knowledge and awareness. In this competitive world, paying attention to knowledge and relying on innovation is what makes institutions pioneers. In the early 20th century, Joseph Schumpeter and later almost all ...  Read More

Economic Integration
The Analysis of Economic Integration of Iran and Latin American Countries (An Application of Gravity Model)

Seyede Zahra Shakeri; Fatemeh Kobra Bata

Volume 1, Issue 3 , January 2012, Pages 98-73

  Globalization is a dynamic movement that is taken all aspects of the economy, or affecting them. It implies a process which, during that, gradually borders disappears, and synchronously international transactions increase. For developing countries who, are not able to enter into globalization process, ...  Read More

Bilateral Trade
Iran Joining WTO and Its Effects on the Import of Capital-Intermediate Commodities

Samad Aziznejad; Fathollah Tari; Seyed Mohammad Reza Seydnourani

Volume 1, Issue 3 , January 2012, Pages 133-99

  Import, which is the basis for significant effects on economics, is influenced by various factors that are essential to be recognized and examined. One of the issues that can influence the demand for import in each country is joining the World Trade Organization (WTO) which can, in fact, affect the demand ...  Read More

Economic Growth
Asyemmetry of the Impact of Monetary Shocks on Economic Growth in Iran at the New Keynesians

Sohrab Delangizan; Ali Falahati

Volume 1, Issue 3 , January 2012, Pages 163-136

  One of the most important macroeconomic discussions is the effects of monetary policies on the real section of economy. With this respect, the present article investigates the asymmetric or symmetric effects of monetary shocks on the economic growth of Iran. In this article, the relevant model extracted ...  Read More

total factor productivity of production؛
The Impact of Export Diversification on Total Factor Productivity and Economic Growth (Panel Data Method in D-8 Countries)

Karim Azarbaiejani; Molood Raki; Homayoun Ranjbar

Volume 1, Issue 3 , January 2012, Pages 201-165

  According to discussion of export growth and economic growth, export diversification issue has been considered by many policymakers to mean the increase of exports commodity and reducing its dependence on one source of income. In other words, regardless of the composition or concentration of a country’s ...  Read More

Hsiao's Causality
Hsiao's Causality Test between Interest Rate and Inflation Rate for Mena Countries Group

Mohammad Taher Ahmadi; Mohammad Ali Fallahi; Somayeh Khosravi

Volume 1, Issue 3 , January 2012, Pages 234-203

  Interest as investment opportunity cost or cost of required credits in production process plays an important role in cost of goods manufactured. So it is expected that inflation rate might be affected by changes in interest rate. The present paper studies causality relation between changes in interest ...  Read More