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Oil Price Shocks and Economic Growth Evidence from OPEC

Mahboobeh Jahadi; Zahra Elmi

Volume 1, Issue 2 , January 2012, Pages 40-11

  Oil price fluctuations are one of the most important causes of economic crisis among both oil exporting and importing countries. Hence, study of oil price shocks on economy of oil exporting countries which oil revenues is the intensive generator is so vital. In this study, the effect of oil shocks on ...  Read More

Spillover effects of FDI on innovation in Developing Countries

Mohsen Motiei

Volume 1, Issue 2 , January 2012, Pages 70-41

  The most attended aspect of the modern economics is its structure which relies heavily on knowledge and awareness. In this competitive world, paying attention to knowledge and relying on innovation is what makes institutions and macro economics pioneers. In the early 20th century, Joseph Schumpeter and ...  Read More

The Effect of Brain Drain on Economic Growth of Developing Countries

Seyed Komail Tayebi; Mostafa Emadzadeh; Hajar Rostami

Volume 1, Issue 2 , January 2012, Pages 94-71

  The process of skilled international migration from developing countries to developed ones has considerably grown during two recent decades. In 1970s, most economists agreed brain drain resulted in reducing human capital stock and thus hurt developing economies. However, according to the studies of the ...  Read More

The Study of relationship between agricultural exports and economic growth &development during 1355-1388

Erfaneh Rasekh; Fariba Abedy

Volume 1, Issue 2 , January 2012, Pages 112-95

  Relationship between economic growth and export growth from the perspective of macro economic and political issues is important. gricultural exports have a significant share of non-oil exports which enjoy a remarkable position in exchange. According to the importance of agriculture sector, in this study ...  Read More

The Role of Education in Iranian household’s Expenditure Basket

Farhad khodadad Kashi; Khalil heydari

Volume 1, Issue 2 , January 2012, Pages 133-113

  In the history of human societies, Education Institution has been thought of a key factor in human life and development. In Iran, Both before and after Islam, Education and culture have been considered as fundamental tools for human life exaltation. In Islamic republic of Iran’s law, development ...  Read More

The importance of oil industry in the output and employment of Iran’s economy and its influence on other economical activities

Pardis Seyedmashhadi; Farhad Ghalambaz; Aliasghar Esfandiary

Volume 1, Issue 2 , January 2012, Pages 133-113

  Oil industry is one of the biggest and most influential industries all over the world, especially in Iran. Besides being the main source of energy in today’s world, oil plays an important role in determining a country’s national power and international credibility. The oil sector has provided ...  Read More

The study of the effect of investment security on private investment in Iran

Masoud Saadatmehr

Volume 1, Issue 2 , January 2012, Pages 187-163

  In the study, the function of private investment is estimated to examine the effect of security on the kind of investment in Iran. The study in time series 1363 – 87 with help of the model auto regressive distributed lag (ARDL) was done. The results showed that security investment in short term ...  Read More