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Quality of Environment
Effect of Environment Degradation on Economic Growth (Evidence from 32 Developing Countries)

Majid Ahmadian; Ghahreman Abdoli; Farkhondeh Jebel Ameli; Mahmood Shabankhah; seyed adel khorasani

Volume 7, Issue 27 , July 2017, Pages 17-28

  In recent decades environment has been an important issue more than any other time. Hence, this study investigated the relationship between economic growth and environmental quality indicator in selected developing countries (including 32 country) for the period 2002-2013 by using a dynamic panel method ...  Read More

Economic Growth
The Semi-Parametric Study of Economic Growth and Urbanization in CO2 Emissions (Case Study: Asian Countries)

Mohammad Reza Lotfalipour; Morteza Bastam

Volume 7, Issue 27 , July 2017, Pages 29-44

  Investigating economic aspects of pollutant emissions and their consequences, especially due to its increasing trend, is among important issues and accordingly in recent years much attention has been paid to its destructive impacts. In the present study, the impact of economic growth and urbanization ...  Read More

Comparing Iranian Development Plans by Multidimensional Poverty Index Calculated by Alkire-Foster Method

mohammad hasan fotros; sudeh ghodsi

Volume 7, Issue 27 , July 2017, Pages 45-64

  The main objective of this paper is to measure multidimensional poverty index (MPI) based on Alkire and Foster method and analyzing incidence and intensity of poverty in Iran in three dimensions for the period of 1989-2014. In this study, households’ income-expenditure raw data published by the ...  Read More

Threshold Effect of Income Inequality on Economic Growth in Selected Developing Countries: Panel Smooth Transition Regression

Mohammad Mahdi Bargi Oskooee; Mohammad Khodaverdizadeh; Saber Khodaverdizadeh; Ali Vafamand

Volume 7, Issue 27 , July 2017, Pages 65-80

  This paper investigates the threshold effects of income inequality on economic growth in developing countries for the period of 2000 to 2012, using Panel Smooth Transition Regression (PSTR) model. The linearity test results indicate strongly nonlinear relationship among variables under consideration. ...  Read More

Analysis of the Effect of Financial Development on Industrial Concentration and Economic Growth in Iran: Spatial Dynamic Panel Data Approach

Zahra Dehghan Shabani

Volume 7, Issue 27 , July 2017, Pages 81-94

  The present study aims at analysing the effects of financial development on industrial concentration and regional economic growth in Iran. For this aim, we have specified econometrics models and estimated them by using spatial system dynamic panel data (Arellano-Bover/ Blundell-Bond)‎ for 28 provinces ...  Read More

Testing Saving Incidence and International Capital Mobility in Selected Developing Asian Countries: New Empirical Evidence from Generalized Method of Moments (GMM)

Amir Mansour Tehranchian

Volume 7, Issue 27 , July 2017, Pages 95-110

  In this survey, the perfect capital mobility has been examined on the basis of saving incidence on gross capital formation in selected Asian countries during (2005-2012). For this aim, panel data based on generalized method of moments (GMM) is used to examine the model. The empirical results show that ...  Read More

Evidence of Causality between Oil Consumption and Gross Domestic Product in Iran-Approach of Economic Regime Shift

Morteza Salehi Sarbijan

Volume 7, Issue 27 , July 2017, Pages 111-124

  The relationship between energy consumption and economic growth has been studied by many researchers. These studies have been confirmed one of the four hypotheses in this field (growth assumptions, , neutral or have) according to the studied time period and country. This study investigates the causal ...  Read More

Dynamic Panel Data
The Effect of Expenditure Efficiency and Government Size on the Economic Growth in Selected Countries of the World

Franak Aghazadeh bektash; Monireh Dizaji

Volume 7, Issue 27 , July 2017, Pages 125-142

  Quality of government intervention in the economy or in other words the efficiency and effectiveness of government, has a close relation with the development.Because policy makers are often ineffective, inefficient bureaucracy will be created. The inefficiency of the government can be very dangerous ...  Read More

Examining the Relationship between Economic Development, Diversification and Trade Liberalization to Energy Intensity in Iranian Agricultural Sector

mehdi shabanzadeh; emran taheri; farshid Farshid Riahi Dorche

Volume 7, Issue 27 , July 2017, Pages 143-156

  Iran as a developing country, having massive energy resource endowments is one of the examples of growth pattern with pressure on natural resources. energy as inputs in agriculture of Iran has particular importance. Reviewing the energy consumption in the agricultural sector, shows that, along with increased ...  Read More

The Effect of Combining Economic Activities on Corruption; A Case Study of Developing Countries

Pourya Esfahani

Volume 7, Issue 27 , July 2017, Pages 157-170

  Corruption is defined as the manipulation of power by private and public authorities to achieve personal and individual goals. Many articles have been written about the factors formed corruption that a wide range of variables to be included. In this article we will examine the role of a factor in the ...  Read More