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The Impact of Monetary Policy on Private Sector Investment in Agricultural Subsectors of Iran

Zeinab Shabani Koshalshahi; Amir Mansour Tehranchian; Seyed Mojtaba Mojaverian

Volume 5, 17(3) , December 2015, Pages 24-13

  The purpose of the present study is investigating the impact of monetary policy on private sector investment of Iran,s agricultural subsectors (1978-2011). Therefore, the Generalized Method of Moments (GMM) is used. Obtained results indicated that the monetary policy in all 3 subsectors has a positive ...  Read More

Economic Analysis of the Climate Change Impacts on Products Yield, Cropping Pattern and Farmer's Gross Margin (Case Study: Qazvin Plain)

Abolfazl Mahmoodi; Aboozar Parhizkari

Volume 5, 17(3) , December 2015, Pages 40-25

  In this study, climate change impact on product yield and farmer's gross profit of Qazvin plain were studied. In this regard, first the trend of variables of temperature and precipitation changes during 1991-2011 were reviewed. Then, using regression analysis effect of temperature and precipitation variables ...  Read More

Modelling the Spillover of Oil Shocks on Crops Market: The Case of Soybean and Wheat

Saeed Shavvalpour; Armin Jabbarzadeh; Hossein Khanjarpanah

Volume 5, 17(3) , December 2015, Pages 45-41

  Global market of strategic agricultural commodities such as soybean and wheat, is influenced by oil price fluctuations and this issue affects on policymakers and producers decisions. In this paper, with considering the importance of oil price shocks, it is tried to realize the impact of oil market risk ...  Read More

The Estimation of Main Energy Carriers Demand Functions at Agriculture Sector in Ilam Province: Almost Ideal Demanding System Approach

Heshmatollah Asgari; Roohollah Noor Mohammadi

Volume 5, 17(3) , December 2015, Pages 78-71

  Considering the highly importance of the agricultural sector in the provincial economy of Ilam and the emergence of awareness of demands for the forms of energy in the mentioned sector, as well as awareness of the price liberalization policies applied on the forms of energy, the present study aims to ...  Read More

Analysis of Cost Efficiency Convergence in Wheat Cultivation in Iran

Ebrahim Moradi; Mosayeb Pahlavani; Ahmad Akbari

Volume 5, 17(3) , December 2015, Pages 90-79

  Producers, who have lower efficiency in wheat production, can use the experiences of other producers and increase their efficiency over time. based on existing theories, probably producers with low initial levels of efficiency will have grown their efficiency faster than producers that have high levels ...  Read More

Evaluating Effective Factors on Participation of Water User Associations Members in Management of Agricultural Water Resources

Zahra Hosseinpur; Mohammad Hossein Menhaj; Mohammad Kavoosi-Kalashami

Volume 5, 17(3) , December 2015, Pages 104-91

  Over the past two decades, due to the global water scarcity, the role of WUAs in the farmers’ participation in the agricultural water resources management has received much attention. The purpose of this descriptive study was to evaluate the factors affecting the participation of the WUAs members ...  Read More