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Assessment of Results of the Implementation of Subsidies Targeted on Production Activities

Zahra Nematollahi; Naser Shahnoushi; Ozra Javanbakht; Mahmoud Daneshvar Kakhki

Volume 5, Issue 19 , June 2015, Pages 11-24

  Due to the performance of subsidies targeted, present study has been done to examine the effects of results of the implementation of this law on production activities. Social accounting matrix of 2001 was prepared and then general equilibrium model was developed. Gasoline and diesel have two prices, ...  Read More

The Relationship between Energy Consumption and Production Growth in Manufacturing Agencies Producing Transportation Vehicles

Mohammad Ali Molaei; Ali Dehghani; Samaneh Hossein Zadeh

Volume 5, Issue 19 , June 2015, Pages 40-25

  This study aims at exploring the relationship between energy consumption/efficiency and production growth in manufacturing agencies producing transportation vehicles in 1995-2009 using Granjer, Hsiao’s Granger, Toda-Yamamoto causality and DPD approach. The results of the model show that in these ...  Read More

Estimation of the Spatial Spillover Effects of Economic Growth in Adjacent Countries of Caspian Sea: Spatial Dynamic Panel Data Approach

Hassan Heidari; Davoud Hamidi Razi

Volume 5, Issue 19 , June 2015, Pages 56-41

  The purposes of this paper are the investigation of convergence hypothesis for GDP per labor in the presence of spatial dependence, and estimation of the spatial spillover effects of economic growth among the 11 adjacent countries of Caspian Sea during 1990 to 2010. Hence, the spatial Solow model has ...  Read More

Spatial Analysis of the Effect of Income Inequality on Economic Growth in Iran

Ali Hussein Samadi; Zahra Dehghan Shabani; Atefeh Moradi Kouchi

Volume 5, Issue 19 , June 2015, Pages 72-57

  The aim of this paper is to analyze the effects of income inequality on economic growth in 28 provinces of Iran during 2000-2011 by using Geographically Weighted Regressions (GWR) and Dynamic Panel Data (DPD) models. This paper has tried to study the spatial heterogeneity among 28 provinces in Iran by ...  Read More

Impact of Fiscal and Monetary Shocks on Macroeconomic Variables in Iran, Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Approach 1961-2012

Mohammad Hassan Fotros; Hossein Tavakolian; Reza Maaboudi

Volume 5, Issue 19 , June 2015, Pages 94-73

  This paper studies impacts of monetary and fiscal shocks on macroeconomic variables in Iran. For this purpose, a dynamic stochastic general equilibrium approach is employed to sketch an appropriate model for Iranian economy. To calculate the required coefficients, data of the period 1961-2012 released ...  Read More

Monopoly Power in Industry and Evaluation of Its Effect on Iran’s Economic Growth: Application of Endogenous Markup Approach

Farhad Khodadad Kashi; Mohamad Nabi Shahiki Tash; Samaneh Nooraniazad

Volume 5, Issue 19 , June 2015, Pages 114-95

  The main purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between market structure and economic growth in iran. Using Lopez - Azzam (2002) Approach, the extent of endogenous markup in different markets was estimated. Then the relationship between markup and economic growth was investigated by baranova ...  Read More

The impact of Education and Health Infrastructures on Economic Growth of Iran

Mahdi Shahraki; Simin Ghaderi

Volume 5, Issue 19 , June 2015, Pages 136-115

  Infrastructures are one of the most important tools for transferring technology from developed countries to developing ones. These infrastructures will also increase the economic activities; decrease the production and transportation costs, and finally increase the efficiency. Thus, they can affect the ...  Read More