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The Effect of Privatization on Economic Growth in Iran, Using the Fully Modified Least Squares (FMOLS) (1991-2017)

Seyyed ali Islaminezhad; Asqhar Abolhasani Hastiani; abdolali monsef; Kamran Nadri

Volume 12, Issue 45 , January 2022, Pages 30-15

  From the point of view of scholars in economics, privatization is not only considered as a tool for restructuring the economy and increasing competition, but also an essential base for economic growth and development. According to that, the first and most important goal of privatization program in the ...  Read More

Investigating the Interaction Effects of Economic Growth and Happiness in Framework of the Resource Curse Hypothesis and Easterlin Paradox: Dynamic Simultaneous Equations Panel Approach

Haniyeh Sedaghat Kalmarzi; Shahram Fatahi; kiomars sohaili

Volume 12, Issue 45 , January 2022, Pages 42-31

  In this article, the interaction effects of growth and happiness in the framework of a dynamic simultaneous equations panel data model have been considered in the OPEC countries during the period of 2005–2016. Also, according to the resource curse hypothesis, the threshold effects of oil rent on ...  Read More

Measuring Economic Growth Inequality between Countries and Analysis of Factors Affecting on Growth (Spatial Econometric Approach)

mohamad jafari; ali HASANVAND; Younes Goli

Volume 12, Issue 45 , January 2022, Pages 58-43

  The economic growth gap between countries is one of the most important economic realities, and it is important to recognize the main causes. In this regard, the present study uses the statistical evidence of 91 countries over 2003-2017 and the analysis of the spatial theil index to estimate the components ...  Read More

Financial Stress, Political Risk and Economic Growth: New Evidence of Iran

Mahdieh Rezagholizadeh; Hosna Rajabpour

Volume 12, Issue 45 , January 2022, Pages 74-59

  Financial stress and political risk as effective factors on the behavior of economic agents lead to uncertainty and changes in expectations and they have important role for analyzing the country's economic growth. According to the importance of this issue, in present study after construction of the financial ...  Read More

The Study of Effective Factors on Financial Development in Iran on the Bayesian Approach

elahe bohloolvand; saeed farahanifard

Volume 12, Issue 45 , January 2022, Pages 94-75

  Financial development is one of the important and effective factors on the countries economic development and it is considered by planners and policymakers. Financial development is a multifaceted concept that, in addition to the monetary and banking dimension, includes other dimensions such as financial ...  Read More

Assessment of the Impact of Good Governance Index on Economic Growth in Upper Middle Income Countries (Panel STR Approach)

Alireza Borhanipour; Gholamreza Geraeinejad; Alireza Daghighi asli; Manijeh Hadinejad

Volume 12, Issue 45 , January 2022, Pages 114-95

  The main aim of this paper is to investigate the threshold effects of good governance index on economic growth for upper middle income countries and presence of other variables, including education expenditures, gross capital formation, inflation rate and trade openness over the period 1996-2018. For ...  Read More

Study of the Effect of Economic Growth and Government Spending on Inflation Rate Using the Soft Transition Regression (STR) Approach

Babak Esmaeili

Volume 12, Issue 45 , January 2022, Pages 130-115

  This paper aims to study the non-linear and threshold effects of the macroeconomics variables on inflation in Iran's economy using the sequential seasonal periodic data from 1991 to 2018 based on the Soft Transition Regression (STR).In the developed model, the cash growth was selected as threshold variable ...  Read More

Optimizing the Production Capacity of Small and Large Industries in the Path of Economic Development; Markov-Switching Chain Approach

Mehran Hafezi Birgani; Alireza Daghighi Asli; Mohammad Gholi Yousefi .; Marjan Daman Keshideh; Mohammad Teymour

Volume 12, Issue 45 , January 2022, Pages 140-131

  The main purpose of this study is to optimize the production capacity of small and large industries. In this study, along with the econometric technique and using the costlog function of translog to estimate the production capacity of large and small industries in the years (2001-2018), was introduced. ...  Read More