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Investigate the Effect of Trade Liberalization and Structural Changes onTotal Factor Productivity

yasaman hokmollahi; ali taiebnia; mohsen mehrara

Volume 12, Issue 48 , October 2022, Pages 15-28

  Trade liberalization, both directly and indirectly (through structural changes), affects the total factor productivity. The key factor in determining the direction of this impact is the quality of institutions. In this study, to consider the most important aspects of structural change, we propose a multidimensional ...  Read More

Effect of Oil Revenue uncertainty Shocks on Instability of Certain Macroeconomic Variables in Selected Oil-Exporting Countries: A Panel VAR Approach

Mohammad Hassan Kheiravar; Davood Danesh Jafari; Hamid Nazeman; Javid Bahrami

Volume 12, Issue 48 , October 2022, Pages 29-46

  In significant part of oil-exporting countries, oil revenues are considered as one of the main drivers of the economy. However, these revenues are volatile, uncertain and subject to shocks due to exogenous nature and inherent volatility of oil prices as well as the reality of the hydrocarbon resources’ ...  Read More

Nonlinear Relationship Between Political Competition and Economic Growth in Iran Using Dynamic Growth Model Approach

Amir Hossein Ghaffari Nejad; Majid Maddah

Volume 12, Issue 48 , October 2022, Pages 47-66

  In the literature of political macroeconomics stresses role of political competition in the economic performance of countries; Political competition can influence economic growth by affecting resources allocation and quality of economic policies. This paper examines the effect of political competition ...  Read More

Investigation Asymmetric Effects of Exchange Rate on Iran’s Gross Domestic Product - Nonlinear ARDL Approach

Arshia FARAJI TABRIZI; kambiz hojabre kiani; Abbas Memarnejad; Farhad. ghaffari

Volume 12, Issue 48 , October 2022, Pages 67-82

  The aim of this study is to investigate the short-term and long-term asymmetric effects of exchange rate on Iran’s gross domestic product (GDP). Considering the importance of the issue in policy making and the possibility of influencing production through exchange rate, in this study, the effects ...  Read More

The effect of GDP, price ratios and exchange rates in neighboring countries on Iran's agricultural exports

Mojahed Babapour; ISA ALIYEV; Seyed Mohammadreza Seyed Nourani

Volume 12, Issue 48 , October 2022, Pages 83-96

  The purpose of this study was to investigate the export function of Iranian agricultural products to neighboring countries. In order to achieve the objectives of the research we have employed an export function model inspired by Yan and Lee article and studied the effect of GDP variables, price ratios ...  Read More

The effects of fossil fuels consumption, CO2 emissions and crude oil prices on economic growth

amir ali farhang

Volume 12, Issue 48 , October 2022, Pages 97-110

  Growing demand for energy leads to economic growth and at the same time increases pollution and environmental degradation. Given the importance of economic growth and the environment, it is important for policymakers and economists to understand how energy variables and pollution affect the economic ...  Read More

Investigating the Dimensions of Economic Development in Iran Based on Designing Composite Indicators (CIs)

Ali Mohammadipour

Volume 12, Issue 48 , October 2022, Pages 111-130

  The present study seeks to examine the performance of Iran's macroeconomic indicators during the six economic development plans in order to compare and rank the achievements of the plans. Based on a fundamental revision of the 2010 United Nations Human Development Report (until 2019) and Guidelines on ...  Read More