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Economic Growth
The Effect of Liquidity Volume on Economic Growth in Iran (with Time Varying Parameter Model Approach)

Abolqasem Esnaashari Amiri; Asqar Abolhasani Histiani; Mohammad Reza Ranjbar Fallah; Bita Shaygani; seyed ghorban malizadeh kolagar

Volume 9, Issue 35 , June 2019, Pages 15-34

  Regarding the importance of the relationship between volume of liquidity and GDP in manufacturing sector policy making, using a time-varying parameter (TVP) regression model and Kalman filter approach, the present research studies the GDP's response to effective variables such as capital, labor force, ...  Read More

Economic Growth
Threshold and Spectral Analysis of the Relationship between Government Debt to Banking System and Economic Growth in Iran

mohammad ali ehsani; hamid La'l-e-Khezri; saleh taheri

Volume 9, Issue 35 , June 2019, Pages 35-52

  The unfavorable state of economic growth and government debt to the banking system are two major challenges for the Iran's economy. Given the importance of these variables in the macroeconomics, the study of the relationship between them using modern econometric methods can provide useful implications ...  Read More

International Commerce
Investigating the Roles of Institutions and Infrastructure on Iran’s Bilateral Trade with Main Trading Partners

Hanane Aghasafari; Milad Aminizadeh; Alireza Karbasi

Volume 9, Issue 35 , June 2019, Pages 53-78

  Institutions and infrastructure as a set of social factors, rules, beliefs and infrastructure services are the key factors influencing bilateral trade between countries. So, this study investigates the effects of institutions and infrastructure on Iran’s bilateral trade with the main trading partners. ...  Read More

Monetary policy
The Regional Impact of Monetary Policy on the Employment of Iran's Industrial Provinces: The Structural Factor-Augmented Vector Autoregressive Method (SFAVAR)

Reza Shakeri Bostanabad; Zahra Jalili; Mohsen Salehi Komrudi

Volume 9, Issue 35 , June 2019, Pages 79-102

  The importance of monetary policy as one of the most important demand-side policies has led to a discussion of the growth of the volume of money and its impact on various economic sectors, which has always been one of the most challenging topics in macroeconomic literature. While Monetary Policy is usually ...  Read More

Studying and Comparing the Economic Growth Thresholds in Okun's and Verdoorn's Law; Application of PSTR Model for Iranian Provinces

Azad Khanzadi; maryam heidarian

Volume 9, Issue 35 , June 2019, Pages 103-120

  In macroeconomics, the Okun's Law and Verdoorn's Law are used as methods for studying the relationship between economic growth and unemployment and employment. The necessity of studying these two laws together, in a threshold econometric model and considering to regional and spatial conditions of variables, ...  Read More

Economic Growth
Revenue-Neutral Changes in Tax Structural and Economic Growth in Iran

Mahboobeh Farahati

Volume 9, Issue 35 , June 2019, Pages 121-136

  The main objective of this study is to examine the effect of revenue-neutral change in the tax structure on economic growth in Iran using data for the period of 1361-1395. To this end, an empirical model has been proposed to analyze the effect of substituting different tax items for each other on economic ...  Read More

The effect of Types renewable resources on the economic growth of Iran

ebrahim ghaed; Ali Dehghani; Mohammad Fattahy

Volume 9, Issue 35 , June 2019, Pages 137-148

  Abstract: The main objective of this study is to investigate the effect of Types the renewable energy production on Iran’s economic growth during the period of 2008-2017. For this analysis, Vector Autoregressive Model, Johansson-Juselius method and Vector Error Correction Model are used. In accordance ...  Read More