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The Effects of Resources Curse Phenomena on Financial Development and Economic Growth: A Dynamic Panel Approach

Zivar Asadi; Javid Bahrami; Reza Talebloo

Volume 3, Issue 10 , June 2013, Pages 26-9

  This paper evaluates the role played by financial development in economic growth, and also, the effect of economic growth on financial development of thirty six oil vis-à-vis nonoil economies during 1982-2011. Based on a panel of 5- years averages, we apply System Generalized Method of Moments ...  Read More

Identification of Economic Growth in Reducing Poverty, Use of Fixed Price Multiplier Approach Based on the SAM (Social Accounting Matrix)

Soheyla Parvin; Ali Asghar Banouei; Sanaz Abbasian Nigjeh

Volume 3, Issue 10 , June 2013, Pages 40-27

  The main purpose of this paper is presenting theoretical principles with respect to the place of economic sectors in decreasing poverty and analyzing direct and indirect effects of FGT (Foster-Greer-Thorbecke) poverty index separately for different economic activities against increase in production. ...  Read More

Investigation and Forecasting of the Effects of Exchange Rate Increase on Economic Growth of Major Economic Sectors of Iran (1976-2014)

Hadi Ghaffari; Mehdi Jalouli; Ali Changi Ashtiani

Volume 3, Issue 10 , June 2013, Pages 58-41

  International sanctions against Iran have been lead to an increase in demand of foreign exchange and ultimately cause an increase in exchange rate. In this study, we aim to investigate and forecast the consequences of exchange rate increase on economic growth of major economic sectors of Iran during ...  Read More

Test of Income Convergence in D-8 Countries (Sigma Convergence, Theil Indices and Panel Data Unit Root Tests Approaches)

Saeed Daee Karimzadeh; Karim Azarbayjani; Mohammad Javanmardi

Volume 3, Issue 10 , June 2013, Pages 72-59

  Income convergence or income similarity is defined as per capita income gap between two trading partner. less income gap shows  income convergence and more income gap shows income divergence. Income convergence plays an important role in the expansion of trade relations, so that countries with more ...  Read More

Investigation of the Effects of Financial Development on Economic Growth in D8 Countries Group: a Bootstrap Panel Granger Causality Analysis

Abdolali Monsef; Leila Torki; Seyed Jaber Alavi

Volume 3, Issue 10 , June 2013, Pages 92-73

  There are different perspectives about the relationship between financial development and economic growth. The question has raised among economists is that whether the economic growth is affected by financial development or economic growth causes financial development? This study investigates the direction ...  Read More

Public and Private Health Expenditure and their Impacts on the Long-Term Economic Growth of Selected Countries: Bayesian Model Averaging Approach

Fathollah Tari; Mohammad Shirijian; Mohsen Mehrara; Hossein Amiri

Volume 3, Issue 10 , June 2013, Pages 106-93

  Identifying the factors that contribute to sustained economic growth of countries is the main concerns of economic researchers. The present paper employs a Bayesian econometrics approach based on Bayesian Model Averaging (BMA) method to investigate the effect of public and private health expenditure ...  Read More

Comparative Analysis of Traditional & Modern Wage- Productivity Theories in Industrial Sector of Iran’s Economy Using Gewek Linear Feedback Method

Ghasem Ahmadi; Mahdi Khodaparast Mashhadi; Mostafa Salimifar

Volume 3, Issue 10 , June 2013, Pages 116-107

  Considering statistical data during 1981-2007 in Iran’s economy shows some co-movements between per capita wage and productivity indices, but does not explain which one can explain productivity improvements. Whether productivity increase is the result of wage increase, or its increase have caused ...  Read More