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Economic Growth
Studying the Effect of Green Tax on Iran’s Energy Consumption and Social Welfare Using Recursive Dynamic Computable General Equilibrium (RDCGE) Model

Salman SotoodeNia; Mohammad Taher Ahmadi Shadmehri; Seyed MohammadJavad Razmi; Seyed Mohammad FahimiFard

Volume 10, Issue 40 , September 2020, , Pages 34-15

  In this study the effects of levying various green taxes (base, 5%, 10% and 20%) on Iran’s fossil energy consumption (oil gas (OG), natural gas (NG) and gasoline (GA)), pollutant gas emission and social welfare was studied using a Recursive Dynamic Computable General Equilibrium (RDCGE) model. ...  Read More

International Commerce
The impact of Trade Liberalization and Economic Growth on Non-Oil Bilateral Trade Flow between Iran and China Over the Period 1981-2012

Farzaneh Ahmadian Yazdi; Mostafa Salimifar; Mohammad Taher Ahmadi Shadmehri

Volume 5, Issue 20 , August 2015, , Pages 30-11

  This paper investigates the effects of trade liberalization and economic growth on non-oil bilateral trade balance of Iran and China over the period 1981-2012. For checking the stationarity of the variables and validity of the obtained results, the Augmented Dicky-Fuller test (ADF) and Perrone structural ...  Read More